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The importance of friendship

Friends are the people who know how to listen to you, who stay by your side, and who appeal to you when something is wrong.
These are people for whom you would be willing to go through a fire, the lucky people we choose to share our lives, as well as our loves, dreams and fears. Friends can be as important to us as our own family. Some even go so far as to say that their friends are their family.

The importance of friendship

We could not live without friends.
Simply because it is with them that they laugh, play, divert, but also cry or anguish. They are the ones who comfort us, make us smile and laugh, they encourage us to move forward and overcome hard times, but we are also there for them, because it makes us so happy to smile and to be important to them.
Friendship gives us the courage to continue in difficult times. Friends make us realize several things in life, if one is influenced or changes with time, sometimes it is the friends who make us realized on her way we go. They know how to get us back on track. Over time, the real friends are left, so we know who we can count on.

Friendship is a relationship of trust, solidarity, understanding and respect that unites two or more people.
It is an attachment that the human being needs and that creates curiosity to discover the other and to seek common interests in him.
The advantages of this reciprocal affection are manifold, for example:
When someone is bored, the first thing he can think about is to seek out his or her friends to get bored.
If one day a person is melancholy because of a parent who has just died or a break with his first love or any other thing that makes him sad, the best way out is to find a With which she can share her sorrows by listening to him, by relieving and comforting her.
Sometimes we are embarrassed because of a difficult situation and we are sooner or later confronted with a mishap. In this case nothing is as helpful as a good friend who makes him cheer up and give him courage to face the situation while warning him to do or not do something.
Each individual must one day celebrate his or her wedding, birthday, promotion or christmas. On that day, he will need all his loved ones including his friends to share this good moment and feel that we love him and that we are happy for him.
So no one can deny the importance of friendship. And as Voltaire says: "all the greatnesses of this world are not worth a good am

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