سلبيات وايجابيات السفر بالسيارة بالانجليزي

سلبيات وايجابيات السفر بالسيارة بالانجليزي

سلبيات وايجابيات السفر بالسيارة بالانجليزي

فوائد السفر بالسيارة

ايجابيات السفر بالطائرة

ايجابيات وسلبيات السيارة بالانجليزي

مقارنة بين السفر بالطائرة والسيارة

مقارنه بين السياره والطائره

ايجابيات وسلبيات القطار بالانجليزي

ايجابيات وسلبيات المواصلات بالانجليزي

ايجابيات وسلبيات السفر بالقطار بالانجليزي

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Travelling By Car


         If you are traveling using your own car, then you are guaranteed to have the best flexibility while on the road. This is because you can plan where you want to go even with short notice, which you can’t normally do in case you want to travel by train or a bus, because you know that you have to book your tickets in advance.

         Cargo security is also another advantage. If you have a car to use for traveling, you can bring your bags, suitcases, and other stuff with you securely, which is again something you cannot do if you are on a public transport.

         When you have a car, you can prevent delays, which often happen when you are in a public transport. You own your time while on the road because you are not relying on anyone to get you to your destination, but yourself. In short, you are in total control when you are on the road, and traveling with your car.

         If you are traveling with a child or an elderly person, traveling by car will give more convenience & comfort for both the child/elderly and the companions. This is because you want to avoid any possible hassles that may cause some issues with you and the co-passengers.
These are the different advantages that you can likely get when you are traveling by car. Now, let us see some of the possible disadvantages for you to somehow determine if it is really best for you to travel by car.

         Traveling by car can be costly, considering the constant hike in gasoline price.

         Driving long hours can be exhausting

         Traveling by car in a place you have never been can also cause delays, especially when you are not familiar with the roads.

So far, these are the only disadvantages that you can get when you choose to travel by car.

To bring or not to bring a car will rely on a situational basis. Normally, if you are an all-adult group traveling together, and everyone can endure the pressure and discomfort of being with other people while traveling, then traveling using public transport can be an option for you. But if you are traveling with children, elderly, and you want more privacy and comfort, then traveling by car will be your best option.