Your country uae

Your country:1)

The uae location continent. the tourist attracrions is uae horse race, boats race. Describes people is by  generosity. Tradition in uae she feast batriot  and festival  Dubai.

2) School:
I'm in AL she Yom school ,its avery big  and beautiful building . there are many students these , we have many and different subjects , I'm Rory happy here in my school.

Favorite food: 3)

all healthy She authority  . the formed: tomatoes, lettuce , carrots, cucumber, lome ,   method : tomatoes section of small cut ,carrots section of small cut lettuce section of small cut cucumber section of small cut the lettuce himself then puts them in the dish then mixes then up juice lome mixes. All with  family . All in the house.


Festival of summer bearish in Dubai. The festival in the summer goes to. Activities of several example  flower  and sweet :the shopping or the drawing . the festival liked for that he  beautiful  surprise contains.

Sport favorite she is tennis . I is playful sport favorite in the evening the hours  5 in the house . playful her with brother hoods . loved this sport for that she gained me the activity and the energy.

 نزين هذا كل شي عد شوفيه كان صح يا الفراشة الملونة
الطعام تراه مكرر عيدي و أختصريه