اختبار في مادة الانجليزية


1. How can we help children with disability?
 - Giving them special education and deal with them as normal people.                               
2. Why do text messages get through when there is no signal for voice calls?
- Because they need short connection time.
3. In your opinion how can text messages save a person's life?
- One can send a text message to any one at times of emergency.
 4. We should think outside the box when solving a problem. Explain.
We should think beyond limits of our habits and routines.
5. Suggest two strategies of solving a problem.
- understanding the problem and planning for the solution                                                     
6. How do you think Tsunami is caused?
- It is caused by an earthquake or a volcanic action at sea.
7. Give an example of a terrible Tsunami happened recently. 
- The Tsunami happened in 2004 in the Indian Ocean. It killed more than 150.000 people.
8. There are some features of problem solving. Mention two of them.
 - Thinking systematically, Find alternative solutions and choosing the best solution          
9. If you faced a serious problem, what would you do first?
- I would think systematically, think around the problem, find solutions, try the solutions then choose the best solution.
10. Earthquakes leave serious effects behind. Explain
They destroy buildings and many people die.
11. How can people be prepared for earthquakes?
Scientists can predict them. People can build in special ways to resist them.
12. Why is sea air good for us?
- Because it's unpolluted, decongestant and full of minerals.
13. In your opinion how can fingerprints be sometimes useful?
- They can help the police find real criminals easily.  
- They can help you hold things well.

14. What are the most common risky jobs you know?
1. a fireman                                                  2. a policeman  
15. Which job would you like to have in the future? Why?
- I'd like to be a policeman to protect people in my cities.  
 16. What survival equipment should you take on a sea trip?
- I can take a signal flare, a whistle and a first-aid kit
17. What dangers may you face on a sea tri?
- Bad weather, dangerous animals or getting lost.

B) Literature time

18. What should you do if you need money and you do not have any?
- I should work to get money.
 19- How should we deal with strangers?
- We should talk to them with respect.
20- Is it better to take a decision alone while you are in a group? Why/Why not?
- No. It is better to take decision together as two heads are better than one.
21- Do you fine it wrong to do a small job to get money? Why/Why not ?
- No. I think we can do anything to get money as long as it is allowed
22- In your opinion, is adventure and taking risk better in critical situation? Why?
- No. I think we should behave carefully in critical situation.