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READING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
Read the text. Then for each question, write a short answer (ONE or TWO WORDS).
Arthur Conan Doyle is world-famous as the novelist who created Sherlock Holmes, the
great detective. Doyle was born in 1859 in Scotland, although his father and mother
were actually Irish. After leaving school, he studied medicine at the University of
Edinburgh from 1876 until 1881. It was during his time as a student that he started
writing, and his first success was a horror story called ‘The Mystery of Sarassa Valley”,
which appeared in a magazine when he was just twenty.
After graduating from university, he got a job as a ship’s doctor on a voyage to West
Africa. After returning home in 1882, he opened a small clinic in Plymouth on the south
coast of England. Unfortunately, he had very few patients, and because of this he
started writing stories again.
This was when he wrote his first Sherlock Holmes story, “A Study in Scarlet”, which was
published in 1887. When Doyle’s friends read the story, they immediately recognized
the similarity between Holmes and a brilliant professor who had taught them all at
Edinburgh University. They also noticed that Holmes’s loyal friend, Dr Watson, was very
like Doyle himself.
His Sherlock Holmes books were incredibly popular and earned him a lot of money, so
that in 1891 he was able to become a full-time writer. However, he actually preferred
writing adventure stories, such as his famous novel, “The Lost World” (1912). In fact,
he became so tired of producing detective stories that in 1893 he wrote a story called
“The Final Problem”. In this book, he arranged for Holmes to ‘die’ in an accident in the
Swiss Alps. However, the reaction from Doyle’s fans was so strong that, after only three
years, he was forced to bring him back again in “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”.
Eventually, Doyle produced a total of fifty-six short stories and four novels about
Holmes. Despite his great success as a writer, Doyle’s later life was often filled with
sadness. First, his wife died of tuberculosis, and then two of his sons were killed in the
1st World War. Doyle himself died after a heart attack in 1930 at the age of 71.
1. In which part of the UK did Doyle grow up? __________________ (country)
2. How old was he when his first story was published? _______________
3. Who was the character of Sherlock Holmes based on? _________________
4. What kind of books did Doyle most enjoy writing? _______________ stories
5. When did he give up being a doctor? ________________ (year)
6. What happened to Holmes in “The Final Problem”? _________________
Grade 12, Elective English page 2
Semester Two, Second Session, 2008 – 2009
READING 2 (Items 7 – 10)
Read each text. Then, for the numbered statement, write ‘True’ or ‘False’.
Before my driving test, I was confident that I would pass. But when I actually took the test,
I made mistake after mistake! I could see from the examiner’s face that he was unhappy.
Imagine my surprise when he turned to me at the end, smiled and said: "Congratulations!”
7. The writer passed his driving test. _________
We are sorry to announce that no more places are available on our ‘French for Beginners’
course which is due to start on 15 September, as the class is already full. However, if
another teacher can be found, we are hoping to open a second class in early October.
8. The French course has been postponed until October. _________
At the weekend, I always used to catch the ferry to the island and spend time relaxing on
the beach. But since the construction of that bridge two years ago, the place has been filled
with the noise of tourists, cars and buses. As a result, I hardly go there any more.
9. The writer enjoys visiting the island. _________
In the evening, I made a list of all the questions that they might ask me at the interview
and prepared my answers. Before going to bed at ten-thirty, I chose a suitable set of
clothes for the interview. The next morning, I got up, had breakfast and left home early.
I arrived at the company’s offices twenty minutes before the scheduled time.
10. The writer was well-prepared for her job interview. _________
 Situation: Your company is organizing a five-day international conference,and
needs a good catering company to provide food for the participants.
 So your boss has asked you to write an ASSESSMENT REPORT about a new
catering company called Sunshine Foods.
 In your report, use ALL the information in the box.
 Your writing should be clear, correct and well-organised.
1) Introduction
2) Main
*international/ many kinds of food *bookings/ 4 weeks before
*food/ fresh/ high quality
*started business/ April this year *delivery/ sometimes late
*high prices/ 20% more/ other companies
*staff/ polite, smartly-dressed
*location/ far away *cleanliness/ hygiene/ good
3) Conclusion
Grade 12, Elective English page 3
Semester Two, Second Session, 2008 – 2009
Complete the following task. Write at least 75 words.
Situation: Imagine that you are Badr/ Badriya Al-Riyami. You have just received
a telephone bill that is much higher than it should be. Write a letter of
complaint to the manager of the telephone company:
 Say what has happened, and explain why the bill is not correct.
 Say what you think the telephone company should do.
Your letter should be formal, polite, correct and clear. Do not use your own name.
Write at least 100 words on the following topic:
“Young people today spend too much time
on the Internet.”
— Do you agree or not? Give your reasons.
Your writing should be clear and interesting.
Write your answers on your answer paper.